Responsible Gaming

The Illinois Coin Machine Operators Association (ICMOA) takes the issue of responsible gaming very seriously. The ICMOA and its members are committed to being responsible corporate citizens. This could not be more evident than in the content of the Video Gaming Act itself. On the issue of problem gambling, 25% of the revenue generated from the various license fees paid by manufacturers, distributors, operators, locations, employees and the the state fees on devices goes directly to a newly established fund created by the act to address prevention and treatment of gambling disorders. There currently is no mandated funding in Illinois to address this important issue. Clearly the Video Gaming Act will be supporting treatment and prevention for disorders from all the various forms of gaming in the state.

The second highly important issue in the area of responsible gaming is that of accessibility by those who are underage. Once again, the ICMOA and the Illinois Legislatures recognized this issue when the legislation was crafted. Unlike some other states with legal video gaming and areas where unregulated video gaming occur, the Illinois Video Gaming Act clearly defines that the the devices be placed in an area that is inaccessible to those under 21 years of age. Additionally, the entrance to this area by law, must be under the constant supervision of an employee that is over the age of 21.

Prior to the Illinois Video Gaming System becoming operational, the ICMOA will be conducting responsible gaming training for all its gaming members. In addition the ICMOA will make responsible gaming materials and training available to the licensed venues through the Illinois Licensed Beverage Association.

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