The Illinois Coin Machine Operators Association is a non-profit organization which was formed by businesses that share the common goal of the promotion and survival of the coin operated amusement machine industry in the State of Illinois.

The businesses that make up the organization are from various levels of the industry, specifically, Operators, Distributors, Manufacturers and Suppliers of various items and services that are essential to the industry. To find out more about the goals of the ICMOA see the By-Laws section for "Purpose".

The services offered to the membership by the ICMOA are numerous.

As a clearing house for state and national information pertaining to the coin-op industry the ICMOA keeps track of legislation, technology, industry trends and businesses and organizations that affect our industry and our goals.

The ICMOA's Political Action Comittee and Goverment Action Comittee actively keep track of, introduce, and promote legislation affecting the industry in Illinois.

To promote revenues and exposure for its members The ICMOA hosts an annual State Pool & Dart Tournaments
which also includes tournaments for other coin-op games such as pinball, basketball and video games.

The ICMOA's Annual Meetings have always been informative and enjoyable. With Trade Shows and Guest speakers ranging from Government Officials to Industry experts, the ICMOA Annual Meeting has become an event not to be missed.

An informative Newsletter named Coin Drop, keeps members up to date on the changing political and economic environment affecting the Industry.